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Activity Management in Salesforce

Activity refers to all the tasks and events an employee needs to perform. Activity management is a process of recording and assigning tasks and events such that the workflow is smooth. And the work gets completed on time.

Salesforce activity management works in two ways:

  1. Managing employee activity

Salesforce activity management helps an employee or manager to manage all the tasks and events in one place. It helps in prioritizing the tasks and avoiding missing important tasks.

  1. Managing customer activity

Salesforce activity management can help you in capturing customer’s activity along the sales journey and beyond. 

Activity management tabs in Salesforce

Every record in every object has its own activity tab. You can go to the record detail page and view the activity tab.

Activity management in Salesforce consists of four tabs. They are:

  1. New Task
  2. Log a Call
  3. New Event
  4. Email

New Task

A task is like a To-Do item. It is a work that needs to be done. Salesforce also allows you to assign the task. 

Once you create a task, you can assign it to the person authorized to do that task. The task lands in the notification tab of the assigned person. He can complete and check the task done within the due date.

You can also leverage the task feature as a reminder for a particular task by assigning the task to yourself and setting a due date to remind.

Log a Call

Log a Call is a feature in Salesforce that allows you to capture the details of the conversation you have with a customer. You can capture details of multiple conversations with the same customer in one single place. Hence, refer to them when required in future.

New Event

An event is similar to a task, but it has an assigned date and time. The event happens on a particular date and time decided in advance. The new event feature of Salesforce helps you in creating events as discussed with the customer. The event can be online or offline.


Salesforce provides you with a built-in email feature. The email feature allows you to send and receive emails to customers and leads from Salesforce. You need not switch among different applications to send and receive emails. 

Email features have a lot of customization options. It allows you to attach files, insert fields, use email templates and much more.

Note- The activity tab can be leveraged for both standard and custom objects in Salesforce.

Hence, activity management in Salesforce comes in as a handy tool to manage all the tasks and events without any hassle.

Hope this article/video gave you an overview of activity management in Salesforce. We will discuss other features of the sales cloud in further articles/videos.

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