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B2B & B2C Lead Management in Salesforce

Leads are essential for any business. The first stage of the sales cycle is the generation of leads. When a business has few leads, they can be managed by noting them on pen and paper and using excel sheets. But once the number of leads increases and each lead is on a different stage of the cycle, managing leads becomes difficult.

Salesforce, a CRM tool, assists businesses in lead management. You can create new leads, edit lead data and even automate the entire process easily in Salesforce. This article/video will provide an overview of lead management in Salesforce.

To begin with, let us understand the different types of leads. There are two types of leads- B2B leads and B2C leads.

B2B leads

B2B refers to business to business. When one business becomes the lead for another business, it is known as a B2B lead. 

For example, XYZ Pvt. Ltd. is interested in buying a product of Delipat. Alex, the contact person of XYZ Pvt. Ltd., comes in contact with the sales executive at Delipat. Here, XYZ Pvt. Ltd. is a B2B lead for Delipad. In the case of B2B leads, the contact person may change over time.  

B2C leads

B2C refers to business to customers. When an individual becomes the lead for a business, it is known as a B2C lead.

For example, individual John is interested in buying a product from Delipad. He is a B2C lead for Delipad.

How to capture lead data in Salesforce?

  1. Open sales cloud app in Salesforce
  1. Click on the Leads tab.
  2. You can create a new lead by clicking on the New button and entering the lead data.
  1. By going to the lead detail page, you can also edit the data of existing leads.

The lead detail page of Salesforce has two interesting features- Key fields and Path.

Key fields

Key fields are the details of a lead available at the top of the lead detail page. You can configure the key fields such that the important information of any lead is easily accessible without a lot of scrolling and searching.


The Path is a feature that tells the stage of lead on the lead cycle. By default, the Path consists of four options. They are:

  1. Open- Not Contacted
  2. Working- Contacted
  3. Closed- Not Converted
  4. Converted

You can change the status of the lead by directly changing it on the Path.

In Salesforce, the default lead form is for B2B lead as the company field is mandatory. You need to take the following steps to capture B2C lead data in Salesforce.

How to capture B2C lead data in Salesforce?

A Salesforce Admin cannot enable B2C lead form in Salesforce. You have to get in touch with the Salesforce Product Team.

  1. Click on the question mark symbol near the notification icon on the top right corner.
  1. Next, Click on Get Support.
  2. Ask the Product team to enable Person Account.
  3. Once Person Account is enabled in Salesforce, you will be able to capture B2C lead data.

Note: Get Support feature is not available for the free developer edition. However, as an admin or Salesforce developer, you will be able to enable the feature from your client’s business edition.

Hope this article/video gave you an overview of Lead management in Salesforce. We will talk about other features of Sales Cloud in further articles/videos.

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