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Campaign management in Salesforce

Sales Cloud is a Salesforce product that helps businesses maintain their sales data. From onboarding leads to converting them to customers, the sales cloud assists a business in the entire journey. It tracks the lead journey, captures and stores data and also does a lot of automation.

In this article/video, we will discuss campaign management, a part of the sales cloud.

What is campaign management in Salesforce?

A campaign is the first source of contact between a business and its customers. In Salesforce, a campaign is an object that captures the data of the first contact. A business creates campaigns to generate leads.

Campaign management is a part of the sales cloud where Salesforce allows you to track and manage all the campaigns run by the business. Campaigns include both online and offline campaigns like Email campaigns, advertisement campaigns, Pay per click campaigns, webinars, trade shows etc.

Salesforce allows you to capture all the information relating to a campaign like a Campaign Name, Start date, End date, Budget, Expense, Owner (person handling the campaign), Campaign type etc. Apart from the available standard fields, Salesforce allows you to create additional fields as per business requirements. 

Creating a campaign in Salesforce

Creating a campaign in Salesforce is simple. However, a campaign must be first planned and then created.

To plan a campaign, a business may hire a Business Analyst or plan it themselves. Factors considered while planning a campaign include the selection of target audience, determining the campaign channel, specifying campaign responses, defining who should have access to campaign data, etc. 

Once the campaign is launched, responses must be tracked and the effectiveness of the campaign should be measured.

How to create a campaign in Salesforce?

A campaign can be created by a business user but can only be configured by an admin in salesforce.

To create a campaign, 

  1. Go to the sales app in Salesforce.
  1. Next, click on the campaigns tab.
  1. Then, Click on the New button in the top right corner.
  1. Fill in the campaign details and click on the Save button. Your campaign is created.
  2. Once the campaign is created, you can view and edit the campaign details and related lists.

Campaign Detail Page

Related lists page

I hope this article/video helped you understand campaign management in Salesforce. In further articles/videos, we shall discuss other parts of the sales cloud, like lead management, activity management etc.

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